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Clubs and Extracurricular Activities

Learning at Praise Tab has no restrictions. Each child is encouraged to venture into the world of learning outside the walls of their homerooms by selecting from the variety of activities offered at the school. These include the following:


Complimentary Activities: Track & Field, Football, Netball, iPad Band, Recorder Group, Choir.


Clubs/Activities requiring payment: Chess, Sign Language, Dance, Math, Speech & Debate, Drumming, Piano and Guitar.



It is a known fact that students who engage in activities such as music are more likely to do well in their academics and be more self-disciplined in there day to day activities throughout life, and we here at Praise Tab believe this to be true. For this reason we see it as our priority to have our students engage in various performing arts activities that will stimulate growth and development in our students thereby leading to great future leaders in our country and the wider world.



At Praise Tab, we have well trained speech tutors to help our students learn the various skills needed in various areas such as public speaking.

This year, the first time entering, Praise Tab was awarded the Founders' Trophy in the Junior Debate International competition for attaining the highest points in a single game. 



Performing Arts


Here at Praise Tab Christian Academy, our students excel in the performing arts: dance, voice and music. Trained by ardent instructors, our students harness and develop hone their God-given abilities. Discipline, teamwork and creativity are hallmark of this department as students showcase their talents in our Annual Christmas Productions or while competing nationally.

This year our iPad Band was awarded silver and the Dance Troupe received two silver and one bronze medals for their pieces, all from the JCDC Festival. The Junior Choir advanced to the semi-finals of the Children’s Gospel Song Competition. Overall, Praise Tab was awarded Top School in Kingston & St. Andrew in the Performing Arts 2016!

Yes, we continuously soar towards the goal!

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