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Principal's Welcome,

With Christ all things are possible and it is through him that all good things are attained. As we reflect on the goodness of God and all that he has done for us as a school we continue to see tremendous growth in our academic performances and the knowledge of God among our student population.

The academic successes of our students with the support of our staff have put the school on an unstoppable path toward greatness. We plan to continue this journey with you and your students in this institution as we soar towards the goal.

At our school we strive to provide the best educational experience possible based on the principles of the Word of God. Our well trained  teachers will give of their best each and every day; guiding your child on a path that will give him/her the skills necessary for a bright, productive future. Our curriculum is based on the A Beka program which teaches children core subject areas from a Christian perspective. Through this program we continue to establish a high standard of education matching that of any program currently used by other schools locally. We have set the bar and cannot afford for it to be lowered. Our students must be able to compete, not just with other students in Jamaica and the Caribbean; but also with students across the world. Our students deserve a world class education, and at Praise Tab Christian Academy your child will receive such an education.

At the end of your child’s stay with us at Praise Tab, you child can be confident of this, our saying: We are the head and not the tail, We are above and not beneath, We will lend and not borrow, We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.


God Bless.

Reverend Dr. Patsy Palmer

Our Board of Directors

Chairman: Mr. Errol Maloney


Principal:   Dr. Patsy Palmer


Director:    Pastor Jean Clarke


Director:    Mrs. Louise Berry

Director:  Mrs. Rose Dietrich


Director:  Mrs. Dorothy Parkins


Director:  Mr. Errol Morris

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